The Polish Patent Office would like invite you to the 15th International Conference on Innovation and Creativity in the Economy. This years’ motto is “Designing in a Digital World”

Piętnasta Międzynarodowa Konferencja z cyklu Innowacyjność i kreatywność w gospodarce pod hasłem Projektowanie w świecie cyfrowym

This years’ International Conference on Innovation and Creativity in the Economy, organized by the Polish Patent Office, will take place on 22 June. The online transmission of discussion devoted to “Designing in a Digital World” will start at 9 a.m. Simultaneous interpretation to English will be provided.

The Conference will focus on contemporary trends in the digital world and will provide an ideal platform for entrepreneurs, designers and design teams. For a number of years already the Conference “Innovation and Creativity in the Economy” has stressed the role of industrial design, design thinking, UX design and many other design branches utilized by entrepreneurs from all over the world. We have always strived to use the topics discussed during our conferences to create an incentive for entrepreneurs to use the services of designers and to use design in their companies thus increasing their market value and competitiveness.

This year experts will discuss topics relating to:

  • designing products and services on the basis of current user needs;
  • digital fashion and whether it is the future or a temporary fascination of the clothing industry;
  • building a digital brand;
  • NFT potential and effective protection of intellectual property rights to works of art, design projects and products of recognized brands;
  • Metaverse, i.e. digital world of possibilities for designers but also of challenges for lawyers.

Each topic requires the discussion of how to safeguard one’s intellectual property rights in order to safely create, produce and put one’s products and services on the market as well as how to utilize them in a way that does not infringe other people’s property. Intellectual property protection, and industrial property in particular, is crucial in the context of the technologically changing world and of our business and consumer’s behaviors. These aspects will be widely discussed by specialists from Poland and international institutions dealing with intellectual property protection.

The conference programme will be available soon.

Conference Programme

Wersja polska

The Moderators

Justyna Cięgotura moderator Maciej Kawecki

The Attendees

Edyta Demby-Siwek Daren Tang Andrea Di Carlo Beata Mosór Arkadiusz Ejsak
Andrzej Osuch Marcin Jan Wachowski Kamila Król projektant Maciej Kawecki Beata Wilczek
Adrian Hołota Piotr Kita Agnieszka Witońska-Pakulska Ulrike Till Elisabetta Ferraro
Bartosz Bilicki Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak Yi Wang Adrian Łapczyński Brygida Dzidek
Andrzej Kaczorowski Mateusz Tokarz Łukasz Węgrzyn Artur Frankowski