We invite you to the 16th International Conference in the series “Innovation and Creativity in Economy”, whose topic this year is “Designing for Sustainable Transport”

We are back on the trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) Quotations Hall! Already on 21st of June, we invite all interested in creating innovative solutions for the transport, mobility and goods delivery industries to ul. Książęca 4 in Warsaw (seat of the Warsaw Stock Exchange). The debate of the next international conference in the series "Innovation and Creativity in Economy" will be held under the topic "Designing sustainable transport". We start at 9.00 a.m., and the proceedings will also be broadcast on-line. The event will be simultaneously translated into English. The link to register for the conference will be available soon on the Office's website.

Why are we focusing on sustainable transport this year? Because transport is a very wide area, using a full range of modern technological and design solutions that build the competitive advantage of enterprises in this sector on the global market. The modern approach to logistics, green transformation and digitization of services - also in this field - bring many innovative and thus sustainable solutions, thanks to which transport and mobility have long ceased to be associated only with "four wheels". The topic of design in transport and communication is therefore particularly interesting and important both from the point of view of domestic designers and enterprises, as well as from the point of view of international exchange of experiences.

Experts invited to participate in this edition of the conference will discuss topics related to:

  • designing innovative products and services in transport in response to current climate challenges,
  • using innovative technologies to improve the movement of people and the delivery of goods and services,
  • effective protection of intellectual property rights on the example of well-known brands in the automotive industry,
  • designing transport logistics and mobility in the cities of the future.

Each of these topics needs to be discussed on how to effectively protect your intellectual property rights in order to safely create, produce and sell your products and services on the market, and how to use them without infringing on someone else's property. These aspects will be widely discussed by experts from Poland and international institutions who deal with the protection of intellectual property on a daily basis.

Conference Programme

Wersja polska

The Moderator

Justyna Cięgotura

The Attendees

Edyta Demby-Siwek

Daren Tang

Christian Archambeau

Dawid Cycoń

Weronika Czaplewska

Bartosz Piotrowski

Sebastian Anioł

Justyna Świeboda

Bartosz Dziugieł

Anna Maria Sobczak

Yi Wang

Monika Tomczyńska

Magdalena Federowicz-Boule

Grzegorz Malec

Ewelina Gawell

Adam Jędrzejewski

Marek Stawiński

Mariusz Wszołek

Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak